I am a planner. I like everything to be neat and tidy and the last thing I want is something that I have zero control over.

Unfortunately, like every other bookworm out there, I have a serious addiction to books. Most of the time I stick to my rule of no more than three books at a time, but sometimes I can’t help myself and I add one more book to the growing stack of books waiting for me at the library. Before I even have time to register what I have just done there is suddenly ten books due in the next month and only so many hours in the day to dedicate toward slowly dwindling down the number of pages I have left until I can get to the next book.

Today I would like to talk about how I deal with my TBR stack and how I keep it relatively under control.

Renew Any Books That Need Renewing

I am sadly unable to purchase any books at this moment, so I rely solely on the library to provide me with my regular fix of hardcovers and paperbacks.

My library places no limit to the number of books you can have checked out at a time, which is both amazing and also very dangerous for my bookish habits. This can lead to quite a few books being out at a time, so I make sure that none of them are overdue or close to that point. I try my best to avoid any library fines.

Set The Reading Mood

Sometimes when I am not quite in the mood to read (I know, shocking!) I have to set the mood in a quiet area of the house. This way I have no choice but to crack open a book and escape into the many books that I have accumulated. Here is what I like to do:

  • Make A Hot Beverage. My go-to reading drink is hot tea. It never fails to make me feel incredibly cozy and secure. It’s like a warm blanket of herbal aromas and gentle steam. I always make sure to have a steady supply of my favorite flavors nearby.
  • Light A Scented Candle. There are times when the smell of tea alone isn’t enough to properly set the reading mood. Not only does the flickering flame of a candle never fail to add to the cozy atmosphere, but it also melts that scented wax and fills the room with amazing smells.
  • Play Some Ambient Beats. Some days I like to have soft jazz playing in the background while I read a cute romance novel. Other days I only need a video of a fireplace provided a warm array of crackles to make me feel like I’m in my own little log cabin in the woods. Whatever it is that I’m feeling, some ambient background noise helps to set the mood whenever I am struggling to get into the reading groove.

Fill Any Empty Space With Books

There will always be times when my schedule is tightly packed and it appears like I will never get a chance to read any of the books that are sitting in the corner of my room. That is where my time management skills come in and save the day.

I spend any spare moment I have reading, which means that no matter where I go I always have a book with me just in case I ever have the chance to read. This helps greatly when I have a long stack of books, but it also means that I am never bored.


How do you handle your TBR stack? What’s the largest amount of books you’ve had in your TBR stack?  I enjoy reading your comments, and I would love to hear what you have to say!

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