eBooks vs Books. Which Do I Choose?

There are many ways to enjoy a book, and with summer here it is now the perfect time to soak up some sun with your latest read and a class of your favorite iced beverage. Of course, there is the matter of which medium you choose to enjoy this latest read on. There is no wrong answer to that question, it’s just a matter of weighing which option will be the best for the occasion.

That is what I am here to discuss today. I have personally used both of these options on various occasions and I love both of them equally, so I figured it would be perfect to talk about the pros and cons of each.


Ebooks are a great alternative to books in my opinion. They are convenient and generally very easy to obtain in a matter of minutes.


  • Convenient. You are able to get whatever book you would like from the comfort of your couch and it’s easy to search for whatever title you are looking for.
  • Easy to Carry. It’s a lightweight alternative compared to the bulk of a regular book. You can even read on your phone! This makes it easy to carry around multiple books at a time without having to actually carry physical books.
  • No Need For A Reading Light. The screen is your reading light when you’re reading an eBook! This is perfect for when I would like to lie down in bed and read without having to worry about getting up from my comfortable blankets in order to turn off the lights.
  • Customizable Fonts. One thing I love most about eBooks is the ability to change the size of the font I’m reading. This way I don’t have to strain my eyes or hold the device too close to my face.


  • You Need Something To Read An eBook On. Unfortunately, in order to enjoy an eBook, you actually need a physical device to download the eBook on to. E-Readers are pricey, so it may be better for some to just buy the physical copy.
  • Staring At A Screen Can Get Uncomfortable. As someone who stares at my computer screen for most of my day, I often feel the strain that it has on my eyes. This can get very uncomfortable and it can make it hard to focus on the book I am trying to enjoy.
  • Hard To See In Sunlight. On a warm sunny day, I like to take some time to enjoy the fresh air while I read. With an eBook, I am unable to even see the screen because of the sunlight’s glare, which makes real books much easier to enjoy when you’re outside.
  • You’re At The Mercy Of The Battery Life. eBooks rely on whatever device you are using, which has a limited lifespan depending on if you remembered to charge it the night before. This can lead to the device dying right in the middle of an epic battle or right before the main characters realize their love for each other. You can remedy this with a portable charger, but even that won’t last you forever.
  • You Can’t Physically Turn Pages. This is a big one more me. I don’t know what it is about a holding a physical book in your hands, but it’s always so satisfying to watch my progress as I place my bookmark after a long reading session. Maybe it’s because I grew up enjoying that satisfaction, so the nostalgia I get when I open up a new book brings me back to the adventures I went on when I was younger.
  • Long Waits For Library eBooks. I tend to go the library route when it comes to obtaining books so I can save money.



There’s nothing better than holding a physical book in your hands, right? Well, besides the joy of feeling the hefty weight of a particularly large tome, there are other benefits of reading a physical book (and some cons, too).


  • Shorter Wait Times For Libraries. This is one of my personal favorites. Even if a book is more popular, there are often more copies available in the physical form. Therefore, the wait for a particular book would take a significantly shorter amount of time compared to the wait time of an eBook. You can wait for roughly six months for an eBook, and in that time I often forget that I had even placed a hold on it.
  • You Can Turn The Pages. I personally really enjoy turning the pages of a book and watching the amount of progress that I am making. This is something that I don’t actually need when it comes to reading, but it sure makes me feel good.
  • A Book Never Turns Off. You can read a book for hours without ever having to worry about the pages disappearing after a certain amount of time. Must I say more?
  • You Never Need to Worry About Glare From the Sun. You can soak up the sun and enjoy a nice warm day without ever having to worry about the glare from the sun disrupting the view of the pages.
  • They Look Cool on Your Shelves. I’m a big fan of collecting books when I have the money, and unlike an eBook, I am able to organize all of my physical books to make a neat display.


  • The Pages Don’t Glow. When it comes to reading before bed, I like to have as little light as possible. With an eBook, I can turn all of my lights off and use the glow of my devices screen to help me see the words. Sadly, regular pages do not do the same and require a reading light in order to be seen in the dark. My reading light is small and I often misplace it, so there are times when I cannot rely on it.
  • There Isn’t Always Space. If you’re a book addict like me, then you know that your shelves are probably already completely full of books. This leads to awkward stacks of books in various locations around the house, which can sometimes be pushed onto the floor by my sweet angel, Lily.
  • You Can’t Customize Fonts. Unlike an eBook, regular books aren’t able to be changed in any way. This means that if a book has an annoying font color (I once read a book where some chapters had the words in yellow. It was not a breeze to read that one) or the words are too small to read without reading glasses, then there is nothing you can do about it.
  • Harder To Carry With You. I’m the type of person that likes to have a book with me everywhere I go. Most times I don’t even have a chance to read it, but it is still a comfort to have it with me just in case the opportunity to sit and read does arise. There are books small enough to carry around in your purse (if your purse is big enough), but a lot of books can’t be carried around that easily.
  • Books Are Fairly Vulnerable. While an eBook and a physical book do share a weakness to large amounts of water, a physical book is also vulnerable to much more. Pages can easily be torn if you aren’t careful, a fire can easily destroy a book. Even a windy day can ruin your reading experience.


Even though there are many differences between books and eBooks, it is still possible to love both equally. Each option comes with its own sets of pros and cons, and neither of them is superior to the other. It all depends on the situation when it comes to deciding which you would rather choose.

Do you prefer an ebook or a regular book? There are probably some pros or cons that I missed, so feel free to leave a comment! I enjoy reading your comments, and I would love to hear what you have to say!

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