Bookworm Problems That Every Cat Owner Can Relate To… (Ft. Lily)

Owning a cat can be the most amazing thing in the world, but it can also be the worst. I have been around cats my entire life, and while I do like to complain about them quite often, I don’t know what I would do without them. Lily is such a big part of my life, and in honor of her birthday (I can’t believe she’s already 3!!) I have decided to make a list of the amazing things she does whenever I am trying to read or write.

1. Books Are Now Pillows

Napping is sacred to cats, so finding the perfect area to sleep is crucial. That means that no matter where they are they must be able to use anything as a pillow… which happens to include the book that you may or may not be reading at that moment.


If I have learned anything from Lily it is that I cannot question her. She is an almighty being and if she decides that my book is now her pillow, then I have to say goodbye to that book for the next few hours and find something else to read. If you even try to lift the book away when you think they are dead asleep, then you risk offending your sweet little sleeping baby.

About a year ago on Lily’s birthday, I got her a cat bed that has a little pouch that I could fill with catnip. I have seen her use it about two times in the last year because using my hardcover library book is much more comfortable than the amazing cat bed I spent my hard earned money on. I have since learned my lesson and now make sure to have multiple books that I am reading at a time in order to make sure I please my sweet angel and still have something to entertain myself with.

2. Prepare For Adorable Interruptions

Have you ever been in the middle of a good binge reading session, the plot is as twisty as it gets and you’re the very edge of your seat, but before you can get to the very end of the paragraph, your cat decides that now is the perfect time to interrupt that perfect moment? I’ve been there, and I’m sure many have experienced that too.

Lily is the absolute best at hiding her toys underneath a cabinet where she can’t reach. She’ll then yell at me until I get up and retrieve them for her. It doesn’t matter how deep I have fallen into the book I am reading, when she calls for help then you better believe I am getting up to help her.

There will also be moments when Lily decides that she is need of attention, so she will jump onto the book I am reading and headbutt my chin until I pet her. She’ll purr and it’ll be cute. It’s great… Until you realize that while you were distracted she closed the book before you had the chance to mark which page you are on.

3. Prepare For Not-So Adorable Interruptions


Once again you are in the thrall of a great book and you have no intention of putting it down when you hear an all-too-familiar sound. You don’t want to believe it, but it’s the unmistakable sound of your cat hacking up one of their world famous hairballs.

All of a sudden the heart-wrenching scene you were witnessing in your book turns into a gut-wrenching scene that you are witnessing in real life. You avert your eyes from the awful display of stomach contents, but nothing will erase that terrible sound from your mind any time soon.

4. Is This Book Edible? It Is Now

It’s no surprise that your cat enjoys chewing on things. There are teeth marks on the treat container and that piece of chicken you were about to eat. I never imagined that my book would be on the list of potential cat chew toys, but now I am very careful to watch out for my adorable Lily when she’s in a playful mood.

You could be holding that book far away from her, but that doesn’t matter. If it is close to meal time, then you better believe that Lily will find a way to take a bite out of my book.

5. Who Needs A Bookmark When You Have Cat Fur?

Cat fur gets everywhere – It’s nothing new.  I don’t literally use the cat fur that falls between the pages of whatever book I’m reading as a bookmark, but if I wanted to I definitely could weave a bookmark with the amount of fur that my cat sheds in a day.

What are some bookish cat problems that you face? I’m sure that there are plenty of ones that I missed, so feel free to leave a comment! I enjoy reading your comments, and I would love to hear what you have to say!

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