Congratulations on making it through the first week of NaNo! Hopefully, you have a little over 10,000 words completed, which means that you are 20% done with the first draft of your novel!

If you’re like me, you’re already behind due to procrastination and just overall business. But, never fear, Liza is here with a pep talk to inspire you to continue with your novel and cross that finish line no matter what!

The beginning and end are always the easiest parts of the novel. You get to dream up your main character and the world that they are about to adventure through. For most of you the beginning and end of your novel are already determined, and now you are left with the “what next?” It may feel like suddenly your novel isn’t good anymore, or that you yourself aren’t creative enough, because the middle just isn’t coming to you. Anything you come up with may seem boring, or just plain unoriginal.

Well, I have news for you. This is just the first draft that you are creating. There is a chance that you may want to scrap this idea entirely once the month is over, so why worry about your first draft being a literary masterpiece? Write something completely random, or send your character off on some mini-quest that is unrelated to the main plot. Take an event that just happened this week, and use it to write a scene for some chapter that probably won’t make it to the final draft.

Either way, you just have to write. Get the words down first. You have plenty of time to worry about plot holes and grammar mistakes later. Write a plot twist that no one would expect — not even you! As long as you are getting a few hundred words closer to “the end”, then there is no right or wrong way to steer the direction of your novel.

So, don’t worry about making the perfect story on your first try. Being a good writer is being able to turn the messy first draft into the something great that you had imagined.



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