So it turns out that when you give sims free will, they will just watch tv or play on the computer. I’ve always been one to micro-manage my sims lives, so maybe I have just been impatient. Either way, I am invested in this story so I will use what I have and continue. 

“What?” Vivian exclaimed, drawing the looks of other customers in the coffee shop, “Why didn’t you tell us sooner?”

Mia laughed, “I kind of forgot.”

Despite the hint of annoyance in her eyes, Vivian was relieved that they were leaving their small town so soon. It would only get colder in the passing days, so it was best to move all of their things before the cold would be too much to bear. There was only so much a warm cup of hot chocolate could do.

“Mia,” Steven started with a humph, “There is no way I could possibly be ready by tomorrow.”

Jack grinned, “Yeah, Mia. You need to give him time to pick the right turtleneck for the occasion.”

Steven frowned, “They’ll be the next fashion craze, just watch.”

Mia couldn’t help but smile at the three of them. It’s as if the years spent apart never occurred. They were already back into their old routine of friendly teasing and casual arguments that always ended with their bond only being strengthened. At that moment Mia knew that things were going to be great from now on.

“You know,” Steven started with a loud grunt from the weight of the box he held, “You can help me out with this. I’m not the only one with working arms.”

He was the first to arrive at the apartment, and Mia was already exhausted from preparing the place for everyone’s arrival. Right after their meeting at the coffee shop, she had gone straight to the apartment to sleep in her freshly made bed. It was already furnished and decorated by her in the last week; she knew that they were all going to agree before she had even set up the meeting.

“But you’re doing so well!” Mia smiled, “Plus, I’m like, half your size. There is no way I could carry even the smallest of boxes you have in your car.”

Mia had already claimed the bedroom with the best view. It was evident by the various boyband posters covering the walls and the stacks of books that littered the floor. There was a perfectly good shelf on one wall, but that was already filled with pictures and figurines that she had gathered over the last four years.

Steven grunted his disapproval with how much a mess it already was and moved down to the next doorway, which opened into the second largest bedroom. He promptly dragged his boxes inside with a heavy sigh and disappeared behind the door to unpack for the next few hours.

Vivian and Jack arrived at the same time and Mia watched as Vivian brought in several suitcases full of clothes, shoes, and makeup. Jack didn’t have much with him, which he explained was because he wanted to start fresh in the city. Both took a minute to marvel at the grand living room, which was surprisingly clean despite the messy habits of Mia. It seemed she had contained the mess to only her bedroom for the sake of the others.

Once everyone was settled in, which took almost the entire dinner, they decided that it was best to order a pizza and call it a day. Jack ordered a few pizzas and some garlic bread. Everyone took a moment to take in their surroundings. No one had any idea what they were getting themselves into, and no one really cared. They had this amazing apartment and what seemed like endless possibilities.

“Hey, look!” Jack exclaimed, pointing to the large bay windows that looked out at the city.

Large, fluffy snowflakes were drifting down from the gray sky. They fell onto the pavement below and melted almost instantly, but they would soon pile up overnight. It would blanket the hard cement below and turn it into a glistening wonderland.

“It’s beautiful,” Mia smiled.

Even Steven looked pleased. No one would admit it out loud, but they were all glad to be sharing the first snow of the year with each other in their new home.

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