NaNoWriMo is upon us, and I am thrilled to see what interesting novel is born. Most years I would birth some new idea for a novel in that time and never actually finish it by the time the month is over. This year, I have decided to take the existing novel that I am working on and pushing myself to finish the first draft in November.

This will probably lead to weeks spent shut inside my room with my dying laptop and the pile of empty coffee mugs, but I look forward to every sleep-deprived word that will be written in that time. No matter what is written, I know that I will be left with the solid foundation that can be used for a novel I hope to publish in 2019.

Is it ambitious? Very. Can I accomplish this task? We’ll find out at the end of November. I’m getting the caffeine jitters just thinking about it.

I am going to spend this second half of October planning and outlining everything for my novel so that when November 1st rolls around I will be ready with fresh coffee grounds and a charged MacBook. Even though I have this whole thing planned out, I still have no expectations for what madness will occur in the following month. That way, no matter what the outcome, I will be satisfied.

Sorry if this post is short. I’ve been on a binge-reading streak and I am unable to stop brainstorming various events for my novel. What are your plans for this November? Do you already have an idea for your novel, or are you just going to see what comes to you on November 1st? I would love to go on this adventure with you and I look forward to hearing what you have planned!


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