At the beginning of junior year I had everything planned out, but as my senior year was drawing to a close I felt incredibly lost. I felt like I was just doing what everyone else was doing, and frankly, that didn’t appeal to me.

I know it may be stupid, but I want to create my own path in life. It fills me with immense joy to step away from the traditional road and forge my own destiny. That destiny doesn’t involve college. At least, not yet. I’ve taken some time to tell you why I have decided this, and while it has taken me a long time to build myself up to this point, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I want to write.

I know, you can go to college for that. But the thing is, I don’t think I need college to write my defective little heart out. As long as I am reading, then I am still learning. I’m always thinking, dreaming up new stories and different events to happen in the worlds that are ever-changing in my mind.

I have waited twelve years to write the novel of my dreams. I’m not about to spend another four learning what I already know.

I know I can make it.

What I mean by this is that I know with enough determination and hard work I can achieve my dream of becoming an author. I will stop at nothing to see this through, and I know that the stress and pressure of college will only get in the way right now.

I’ll still take a couple writing courses here and there in order to continue to improve, but a full four years of piled on debt is not part of the equation. I know there are going to be difficulties and various obstacles, but I believe I have what it takes to overcome them.

Sure, there may not be many people on my side now, but all I need is myself on my side. For a long time, I had suppressed my dream to be the person that I thought I could become. The only thing stopping myself was me. Now that that’s out of the way, I feel so alive and ready to take on anything that the world plans on throwing my way.


Bring it on. I can take it.


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