I recently received a leather journal as a gift, and for awhile I couldn’t think about what I would put inside its beckoning pages. There were four extra inserts of paper to use afterward, so I had plenty of space to write on. It was just a matter of figuring out what to fill those pages with.

That’s when I decided to try something that I had never attempted before: I am going to write an entire book by hand. It might take ages to complete, or it might take just a matter of months. Either way, I have packed my bags and I am ready to do.

I started this journey two weeks ago, and I thought that writing about this process would benefit anyone who is on the fence about doing this. This doesn’t mean you should let my opinion of this writing process affect how you write. Chances are typing your book works better for you, so, in that case, you can just come along for the ride and observe the roller coaster that I am about to go on.

Without further delay, here is how the first two weeks went for me. Feel free to get your pencil or pen ready and join me by writing your very own story as well.


Already I am in love with writing longhand. Sure, my handwriting is a jumbled mess that is most likely incomprehensible to almost everyone, but as long as I can read it then it doesn’t really matter. Who knows, maybe my handwriting will somehow improve once I have finished writing 200+ pages.

I found myself more and more excited to get home from work so I could add more to my growing story. It gave me something to look forward to (besides Lily, of course). There was more inspiration flowing through my fingertips onto the page in a beautiful, grammatically incorrect, fashion. I already love it more than I love typing on my old MacBook. If only I had started drafting like this sooner.

Another thing I noticed is that I am more focused when I write this way. I don’t have to worry about popup ads or clickbait articles to distract me from finishing a thought. There is nothing in my way when I am writing down one messy letter after another. It’s amazing. There’s no temptation from the internet to distract me from writing the story that I had always dreamed of creating.

Lastly, there is no self-editing with longhand, which is something I often struggled with when I would write on my laptop. It challenged me to go against that constant urge and force myself to continue to story without a second thought. A sense of freedom accompanies this feeling of anxiousness, which only makes me more excited and more likely to finish the first draft of this book. And, I can, of course, do all the editing that my heart desires once that first draft is done.


Feel free to comment on some experiences that you have had with writing the first draft by hand, or if you have something to add. I would love to read them!

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