I have experienced some interesting things since I took Lily home. Just recently I celebrated her second birthday, but it feels like she has been a part of my life for much longer than that. Over that time I have witnessed some of her habits, and some of those habits are not something I expected to see.

Here is a list of some interesting things I never thought I would experience when I picked up this spunky barn cat.

Sleeping Positions

It’s that wonderful time of the day where I can surround myself with fluffy blankets and rest my head on numerous pillows, but right as I’m getting comfortable Lily jumps into the scene.

This may come as a no-brainer to any cat owner, but it is still something that I have never experienced before with any of my previous cats. Now I’m not talking about contorting my body in order to keep myself from disturbing my cat, or being unable to move because of the cat sleeping on my back. I’m talking about her attempting to sleep right on my shoulder while I’m laying on my back.

That’s right. The closer her face is to my face the better.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s adorable, but after five minutes I want to shift into a more comfortable sleeping position for myself. You’ve read the title, so you can probably guess that Lily isn’t very fond of me wanting to adjust my position. I tend to be a restless sleeper, so that doesn’t exactly agree with Lily’s sleeping habits.

Long story short, I usually end up falling asleep with Lily on my chest and waking up with her nowhere to be seen.

The Squeak

You may have read that heading and asked yourself, what is the squeak? Well, that is something that you get to experience every single day with Lily.

The squeak is the sound Lily makes whenever she is trying to meow. It isn’t anything related to poor health, it just happens to be how she sounds. It’s adorable and one of the many things that I love about her, but there are points when I don’t want to hear her melodic voice.

Here is a great example of when it starts to get slightly annoying. Lily is used to having her food before eight in the morning and then five in the afternoon. If it is approaching that time of the day then you better believe that the squeak is all I hear up until I finally feed her.

Another perfect example is when she wants to announce that she has found one of the toys she had lost. Lily will also do it to get my attention whenever she just got done pushing her toys underneath a cabinet. If I don’t pay attention then she will just continue to just follow me and squeak until I pull it out

If you’re interested in hearing the squeak, click here. Now imagine hearing that nonstop at six in the morning.

Acrobatic Abilities

Lily can jump almost four feet high into the air and catch a fly. I know, it’s a weird way to start off this section, but it’s true. No bug is safe when they are in the same room as Lily.

Two years ago, before I brought Lily home, I needed to use fly tape in order to keep the kitchen bug free. After Lily entered the scene there has no longer been a need for it because she eliminates any bug that entered the room in less than five minutes. It can be incredibly entertaining but also incredibly terrifying.

Why can it be terrifying? She doesn’t even opt to kill off the bugs as soon as she catches them with her cute little paws. Lily will bite off their wings and watch them struggle. That is what makes her terrifying.

Of course, this talent of hers can also be entertaining when I’m playing with her after a long day at work. If I move the feather wand in the right way she will do some amazing flips and then land right back on all fours. I would add a video of her doing it, but it is impossible to film her once she gets into it.

The Weeping Angel

If you have ever seen Doctor Who, then you know what a weeping angel is. Whatever you do, don’t blink and definitely avoid looking away. The same can go for Lily when she has decided to stare me down when I’m minding my own business on the couch.

It starts with her at the opposite end of the living room. We make eye contact. That’s my first mistake. Now the weeping angel inside of her has awoken and I know that there is no stopping the imminent attack of cuddles.

I avert my gaze for just a second to look at my laptop in order to check an email, and when I look back up she is suddenly in the middle of the living room. Still in the same position. Still staring straight at me. It’s a mix of unsettling and adorable and oh-god-I-think-I-am-about-to-die. That was my second mistake.

My last mistake is when I decide to check that text on my phone. That’s when it hits me. All four paws digging into my legs as she pounces into my lap. I look away from my phone and there she is. My little diva is looking up at me with big, innocent eyes like what she did was completely normal.


There are a few other things that she also does to drive me insane, but I’m sure other cat owners have experienced them too. I also wouldn’t be surprised if there are some cat owners out there who are reading this and relating to some of the odd things that I described Lily doing in this blog post.

Feel free to comment some of the weird habits that your cat has, or a funny story about something weird that your cat (or any other pet) has done. I would love to read them!

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